Organic Food Benefits

Making a commitment to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life. Beyond eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats, however, there is the question of food safety, nutrition, and sustainability. How foods are grown or raised can impact both your health and the environment. This brings up a question; Is “organic” always best?There are many reasons why everyone eats organic food. Here are Organic Food Benefits

1.Organic Food is Healthy For Health

Compared to traditionally grown produce, organic food contains many nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium and chromium. Organic food also has great levels of antioxidants which are known to have cancer-fighting abilities.

2. Organic Food is Free from Health Problems

Organic food is free from health problems. Many non-organic foods have occurred many problems that can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines as well as hyperactivity.

3. Organic Food is Free from Pesticide

Non-organic foods are usually burdened with insect killer scum. This is because straight farming sprays more than 300 chemical pesticides to their crops and grins. Upper levels of pesticide scum have been detected in baby food, apples, bread, dried fruits, and even chips.

4.No Heritable Modification

Certified organic food does not contain any hereditarily modified ingredients and crops.

5.No Antibiotics

There has been great anxiety over the huge use of antibiotics on farm animals. Meat, fish and poultry products that are not bred physically have high levels of antibiotics.

6. Organic Food is Nature-Friendly

Organic Product is friendlier to the nature and wildlife. Organic agricultural brings down pollution from chemical sprays and produces less carbon dioxide compared to conventional agricultural. Global warming is a real risk to our globe and we have started feeling its terrible effects.

7.Animals Friendly

In organic Food farming, the welfare of animals is highly prioritized. In most conformist farming, animals are kept in dirty and overloaded cages. Organic Food farming does not allow such practice.

8. Organic Food is Economy Friendly

Conformist farming has caused much injure to our environment and nature and taxpayers have been shouldering the cost of downfall this injure such as the removal of chemicals in drinking water brought about by pesticides used in conformist farming.