Farm to Table- Advantages of Organic Foods

Food is changing. There is a return to all natural foods, from Farm to Table instead of the cheap processed food products, subsidized by the government during the 20th century to allow Americans to eat affordably. Today food is more expensive, especially locally grown food, due to the labor the farmers put in, which you can taste – free of pesticides and machine grown oils – and the fact that this food doesn’t last quite as long since it’s subject to insect attacks, which means the farmers have to produce more in order to subsist.

The benefits of organic food are many. For one, supporting locally grown food means supporting farmers in your area, which boosts the local economy. Then there’s the taste. An organic apple or tomato is juicier and sweeter than a pesticide-produced one. And the chemicals used to keep fruit fresh and ready to ship to market can also cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and other birth defects. Organic foods also meet stricter standards than normal foods, so you don’t have to worry about where they come from.

Our wetlands stay clean and our soil stays healthy thanks to the absence of chemicals, both of which are vital to the environment and feeding the next generation. Organic foods also protect the land, adhering to boundaries and letting animals continue to live off it, which is especially good for those endangered species we still have to protect. And without genetic engineering, diversity remains possible.

Tastier bananas have long been extinct due to the monopoly of the UFC. There are so many colors and shapes of organic heirloom tomatoes! Why settle for the bland-tasting plum tomatoes you see at the store?

Once you start buying organic it’s easy to continue. You taste the difference and see all the different foods you can choose. During the winter, stick to leafy greens: chard, spinach, and Brussels sprouts; hearty colored vegetables like squash, yams, and sweet potatoes; and plenty of fruits, such as pomegranates, papaya, and grapefruit. Find your likes and don’t be afraid to experiment with new fruits and veggies. Eating organic is more than a choice to eat better food; it’s a lifestyle change. It shows that you care about what you put into your body and you’re willing to pay a little more for it. That may or may not mean you’ve cut out junk food, but at least is shows that you’re ready to respect yourself when it comes to what you eat.