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My Dad told me I should fly and he taught me how. In life you can't be afraid to take the road less traveled. My career followed non-traditional paths for women (and I can say Me Too.) I have become an activist for human rights and the environment. I am a cancer survivor and have lost many friends and relatives to cancer ranging in age from 25 on up. When I lost my closest friend and sister-in-law to cancer I decided I had to fight the cause. Many disagree with me but our food chain which has changed dramatically in the last 25 years is carcinogenic according to many of the scientific papers I have read. I am responsible for the stewardship of 200 acres of land and my conscience would no longer allow me to use genetic modification and toxic fertilizers and weed killers. Armed only with what I could learn at workshops and from books I began the process of transitioning the land to organic. It took about 4 years and was not easy. But last year the farm was certified organic. I eat as much organic food as I can, cook from scratch, and avoid most restaurant food.

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