Organic Food

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Organic Food

Organic Foods, at present, are normally been everywhere more expensive than conventionally produced food. Moreover using high technologies and mass production concepts in farming to satisfy the needs of big demands leads likely to keep lower prices. But now an important question occurs at different stages of our health and safety issue.
Is eating Organic Food good for your health? Yes, the answer may actually not be as easy as the question, because the answer will vary depending on some one’s thinking and different opinions. First, it needs to generate ideas about the basic differences between Organic Foods and conventionally grown foods clearly.

Why Organic Food differs from conventionally grown food?

It actually means the difference in production processes between organic and conventional foods. Most of the commercial firms widely use a huge amount of high-tech proteins, harmful pesticides and chemicals and fertilizers for mass production growth to earn more profit within short period of time whereas in recent time, using these types of harmful chemicals and pesticides are strictly restricted under Organic Food production process. Organic food would be your better choice as it is generally produced with food nutrients without harmful chemicals remaining original natural taste and nutrition.

There are a number of scientific studies and opinions on both organic foods and conventional foods. But which science study should you believe? You may ask yourself, why Organic Food would be your healthier choice. The harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers basically reduce the natural nutrients of soil similarly using high antibiotic and high-tech hormones in poultry and farming contaminants our food quality. These unhygienic chemicals remain in the body of these types of animal, fish, and poultry that are slaughtered for our consumption of beef and mutton. Do you think these are suitable for your body?
Yes, you may obviously decide to eat organic food, because the crops are produced concentrating on natural ways, and animals and poultry are reared without harmful chemicals. As a result, natural original taste and nutrients remain in Organic Foods and these are much more intake than conventionally produced foods.

Benefits of Organic Foods

i. Useful to protect against some severe illnesses like depression and cardiovascular diseases

In recent scientific study has been finished in 2016 at Newcastle University and stated that Organic Foods both milk and meat generally contain more than 50% Omega 3 fatty acids that are more useful to protect against some severe diseases such as depression and cardiovascular diseases than conventionally grown foods. In addition, the Organic Foods naturally contain with necessary various disease-fighting elements and organic components that help your body to protect from risky diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes etc.

ii.Helpful for weight loss
At present most of the people in the world are concerned about their body’s weight and follow subtle techniques to reduce the amount of body’s weight currently they have. Yes, eating Organic Foods can definitely be a vigorous way to lose some of that weight of your body. The main reason is that the organic foods have little or no harmful chemicals and less likely to create more fat in your body whereas conventionally produce food mostly contains unhealthy chemicals and pesticides that your body can’t digest easily and results in heavy fat in your body for a long period of time.

iii.Useful to keep you physically fit and agile
It is usually the more useful benefit of Organic Food. For example, these types of food contain the necessary food nutrition such as vitamin, mineral, protein and sufficient fat that keep fit and agile your body and mind. It also limits high energy dense food like sugar, high-calorie food, and high fat. It includes some intake vegetables, fruit grains, and beans that consist of high food nutrition needs through diet alone.

iv.Environmental Benefits
Modern agriculture farming industries generally use high-tech proteins, powerful chemicals, and toxic antibiotics in the soil to grow mass production within a short period which actually reduce the natural capacity of soil and earth, and raise environmental pollution like water pollution. But only organic food producing process can improve the natural power of soil and protect our environment from pollution due to restriction on using harmful chemicals and pesticides.

v. Other benefits

Some other benefits except above are included eating Organic foods:

1. Organic foods normally ensure 100% fresh vegetables and fruits containing proper food nutrition for your body

2. Organic foods, of course have no processing of preservatives as a result food taste is better, and have natural resistance to bacteria and decay.

3. By eating organic foods that carry natural nutrients and nothing else as it is precisely designed in accordance with your body-digest.

4. Extra additives are not required for organic foods to be useful to your body as it includes a complete process.

Of course, food choice has major impacts on your mental and emotional health and even environment. Organic Foods may definitely be your best decision due to higher food nutrition benefits in compare to conventionally grown-foods.

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